Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Organizing... The quick class switch

Preparing for the quick transition from one class to another in the art room takes a quick brain and some organizing strategy. One organizing technique Im trying this year is giving each grade an old computer paper box lid where I store the resources I will be using for each of their lesson. Each box contains project samples, handouts/sketch pages, light project materials that are not in supply bins, and any other small materials that are unique to that particular lesson. Because I see each grade level once a day I need a quick place to drop off the previous classes handout and pick up the next classes project sample. This organizing technique prevents the "desk paper shuffle" dance I tend to do if I misplace a handout.... This dance also takes place when Ms.L sets down the cup of pencils and does not remember where she put them... What are some organizing techniques you use to make the quick transition from class to class?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Pinwheels for Peace"

Pinwheels are coming out my ears!!!

Bert Raney Elementary is taking part in Pinwheels for Peace this year! I have always wanted to do this project with a school so I'm very excited to get the chance. We will have 400 pinwheels spinning on September 21st on the front lawn of BRE! Well 95% will be spinning... some causalities went far beyond repair for the Kindergardeners (I would like you to know that no tears were shed... thank goodness). It's projects like these that really show the community what an art program can bring to a school. The art specialist position has only been active for three years here and this is my first year at this school. Lets just say I plan to make my presence know, starting with the inspiring display of BRE students beautiful pinwheels!