Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Faux Digital Oil Painting

Need a 1-2 Day project before winter or spring break next year? This one is sure to please! All you need is a classroom filled with youngsters, a computer lab with internet access, and a digital photograph. I teach a couple sections of middle school digital photography so I had students explore with both personal and found photos. 

This is a is very basic photo manipulation, but I will break down the steps for you anyway below... :)

Using the free-ware "Pixlr" (, editor version, no download necessary) you first upload an image saved to your computer desktop. Second you will select the "smudge" button in the tool bar on the left hand side of your screen (it looks like a hand with the index finger pointing out). Find a space you would like begin within your photograph and select an area of color. Hold down you mouse and drag across a small area. You should see the colors smear and glide across the area you are working in. Almost like a painting the pixels begin to mix and mingle together, your mouse acting like a paint brush!

Extra Tips: On the upper left hand side of your screen in Pixlr you will see the option to change brush size and alter the strength of the smudge tool. This can be very helpful when needing to work over large spaces of apply small areas of detail.

hyper detail on this one!  
...this student wanted it to look like a still life painting...


...more delicious than a Wayne Thiebaud Painting...

what great movement in the "brush" strokes! 

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