Monday, October 25, 2010

Symmetrical Butterflies

This is a project sample of a lesson I want to begin within the next couple weeks with my Kindergardeners. Initially I designed the lesson for 1st graders but it will have to be adapted for Kindergartners since the 1st graders will not complete their current project before I leave to start my high school and middle school student teaching placements. In this project student will cut out a butterfly by folding their paper in half and then through a Rorschach Test ink blot process students will discover symmetry with the use of tempera paint. Students will learn about the Rorschach Test along with reading the story "Waiting for Wings" written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. What makes the painting process so unique and do-able for Kindergardeners is the way students will apply the paint. Every color they need has been pre-filled in squeeze bottles so all students have to do it place the bottle down where they want the paint. All they have to do is press the tip on the paper and squeeze to create various lines and dots. The clean up time is much easier and faster, very important especially since we have all five kindergarden classes on one day!!! After the paint dries we will go in with oil pastels to fill in white areas and add detail.

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