Friday, May 25, 2012

Tissue Paper Windows

I am completing some glass on glass mosaics for the end of the school year on some hold skylights from the high school library (pictures coming soon!). We used up all the glass but we were left with three extra windows! I'm was not able to purchase any more mosaic materials so I was left scouring the web for some ideas. I can't remember what site exactly had posted an activity where children painted tissue paper onto windows, but once I spotted it I knew that is what we had to do!

We started by ripping the tissue paper into smaller pieces. Then once we had a pile, students started painting elmer's art pastel over the glass pane and onto the tissue. We layered and observed our colors mixing together. I left the project open for exploration. I was curious to observe their solutions.

Once dry they will be installed in a window space somewhere in the school. I'm expecting the tissue paper to fade eventually, but with warm soapy water the window and be wiped clean for another creation. Looks like a faux stained glass masterpiece!

UPDATE: Here is an image of a mosaic we did on the extra window! now on display at the district office (taken from my phone camera, not the best image but you can still feel the sparkle)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Surreal Collages + Drawings

5th Grade students learned about surreal art and then created collages constructed using magazine clippings. From these collaged students created surreal drawings. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

"No Strings On Me" Marionettes

After learning about the history of puppetry and looking at different styles of marionettes, 3rd grade students created "no string" marionettes of their own. Each student sketched their animal design before beginning with their own puppet template. Brass pins were used to holed each hole punched piece together. Although there are no strings, the puppets are very animated when wiggled and swung with life as the students manipulate them in the air!

Personally my favorite part of this project was watching the "Lonely Goatherd" video clip from the Sound of Music! So many of my students had never seen the movie! Fun to introduce it to them. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stop Motion Film Festival

Environmental Machines

After seeing a post a couple years back I was inspired to at some point create an "Environmental Machine Collargraph" lesson. Finally I was able to put something together and I couldn't be more excited by the results. The stars couldn't have aligned better.  Both the timing of the "Lorax" movie coming out and Earth Day on April 22 really made this lesson current and well rounded. 

After discussing the word "environment" and coming up with a brainstorm list of things that are negative towards our environmental, students watched clips from the old "Lorax" movie. I then assigned their mission...
To create a "Truffula Seed Planing Machine"!

Many of the machines used in the story cause negative impact towards the environment. IDEA! Lets create machines that help the environment. Fresh off the train named "Dr. Seuss Inspiration Express" the kiddos were ready to sketch! 

Collagraph printing plates. 
After a day of brain storming and sketching students were ready to learn about collagraphs. On a small sheet of tag board students sketched their final idea. Then, on top of all pencil lines, students began to glue small strip of craft foam. This process took two full class periods. On the forth day we printed using brayers and block printing ink!

Now for printing I have no organization advice. 

No matter what I did it turned into a MESS! 

But thats ok...

Because we tried out best

While were riding...

The "Dr. Seuss Inspiration Express"!

In my next life I will teach poetry and creative writing:) 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MORE Stop Motion Animation!!!

Please enjoy more stop motion animation films, this time from our 5th graders! 

Song: "This Head I Hold" by Electric Guest

Song: "Daylight" by Matt & Kim

Song: "Some Nights" by Fun.