Friday, May 11, 2012

"No Strings On Me" Marionettes

After learning about the history of puppetry and looking at different styles of marionettes, 3rd grade students created "no string" marionettes of their own. Each student sketched their animal design before beginning with their own puppet template. Brass pins were used to holed each hole punched piece together. Although there are no strings, the puppets are very animated when wiggled and swung with life as the students manipulate them in the air!

Personally my favorite part of this project was watching the "Lonely Goatherd" video clip from the Sound of Music! So many of my students had never seen the movie! Fun to introduce it to them. 


  1. These are super cool, I love them. I bet the kids couldn't stop playing with them!

  2. Really really good!! i'll do with my kids