Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ms. L Got a Job!

I have been a long term sub art teacher for the last quarter of the school year at a charter school in Forest Lake, MN.  Unfortunately it must come to an end when the school year does. I have truly enjoyed my time here and will be sad to leave but a new chapter has been opened for me in recent days. I have accepted a teaching position in Granite Falls, MN as a full time elementary art teacher!!! I was initially job searching in the twin cities and surrounding area but was not having much luck. I would either interview and it would go really well (I thought), even getting second interviews in some case, or I wouldn't get an interview at all. No call or communication. I personally thought that was just bad business not to send any conformation or communication. It wasn't until I moved away from the metro when the hospitality increased. Email communication immediately after sending application, personal phone call to schedule interview, meeting immediately scheduled for the next week, and phone call for job offer five days later. Im very excited to begin my new position this August. Stay tuned! You will be seeing elementary lesson postings from me next year!!!


  1. Congrats on your job and the beginning to hopefully a wonderful career!

  2. Congrats! It is funny how things work out. When I graduated from college I was scared that I wouldn't find a job. I looked in my home town and nothing. Nothing in the surrounding counties either. So I searched a little further and found a job 2 hours away from home! Rural community in a low income area. It was great because it was 30 minutes away from my boyfriend (now husband) who was attending college. I had to look outside of my comfort zone and low and behold it was where I needed to be. My boyfriend and I married 1 year and a half later and our life is starting out so wonderfully!
    I hope you have a wonderful school year! So exciting!

  3. Congrats my dear! Hope you have a blast in your new position! I know you will be a wonderful teacher!