Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Painted Faux Batik

This is a project sample for a 7th grade painted faux batik project I'm beginning in a couple days. The process contains main layers of tempera paint and a final layer of india ink. Many steps but the final product is very impressive. The technique was taught to me from my cooperating teacher, he has been doing this process for years with amazing results every time. Im focusing the subject matter by having my students find their power animal and depict that animal in paint.
Step by Step Process:
 1) Sketch out drawing on Bogus paper with pencil.
2) Go over pencil lines with white chalk. Where every there is chalk india ink will be absorbed in the paper for the final step.
3) Paint first layer making sure to leave chalk areas untouched. Begin with darkest color.
4)Paint second and third layers gradually making lighter and lighter. Make sure each layer is completely dry before adding another layer.
5) Paint a wash of india ink over the whole surface and let dry.
6) Place inked paper on board and place under running water constantly moving and rotating. (this part goes faster than you think!)
7) Let dry on a board slanting it slightly so water doesn't pool.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paper Cut-Outs

I have been experimenting with paper cut-outs and playing around with a way to introduce them into a lesson for 6th or 7th graders. Kara Walker and Mexican Folk Art are two of my conceptual starting points. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for expanding this project idea!

Surreal Magazine Collages

This week the 7th graders at the Middle School I'm currently student teaching at began a surreal landscape and figure collage. They find elements in a magazine and cut them out to compile a composition. This is a project that my cooperating teacher has done for years and I thought it would be a humorous starting point for the quarter. This image above is my project sample and i hope to post student work next week!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Great Book!

Here is another great book that sparked a memory I have from an elementary school observation I did a couple years ago. The story, titled "The Squiggle" written by Carole Lexa Schaefer and illustrated by Pierr Morgan, is about a young girl who finds and picks up a red ribbon on the sidewalk and uses her imagination to create many different things with it. On top of the story being a great creative message, the illustrations are incredibly beautiful. In the classroom I observed a few years back the teacher did not use this story as a reference but it fits quite well into an "extra time" project she has for all her students. Every week she would have a pile of scrap paper and on the blank side of the scrap paper was pre drawn line. Every week the line would change transforming from a dash, to a semi-circle, to an unfinished organic shape, etc. Students who finished the days assignment with a few extra minutes to spare could grab one of these papers and begin creating a drawing that utilized that line. For example, a semicircle line could become the top of a base ball cap, the ice cream of an ice cream cone, or the ballon of a hot air ballon. Each week (or month, I can't exactly remember) she would pick a "winner" from each grade and their drawings would be posted on a bulletin board until the next winners were chosen. Students would also receive a small art supply to take home to continue their art making!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Texture Ladybugs

In progress lady bugs
Siguney's Ladybug: In progress (needs antenna and spots)
In kindergarden we have been working on creating creatures out of paper plates that have been texturized with sponges, scrapers, and finger dabbing; all the while introducing color mixing. We have six plates in all to cut apart and glue together (two dessert and four dinner size plates in all with different colors and textures on each). Painting for the first weeks of of school with kindergarden was hectic but I'm happy with the results. I also had fun reading "The Grouchy Ladybug", written and illustrated by Eric Carl, for our full Friday of Kindergarden classes (five total). My voice did turn a bit raspy by the end of the day from all the "grouchy" talking. I will move on to the high school before I get images of the final project, which will include pipe cleaner antenna and lady bug spots, so I thought I could at least post some in-progress photos. (I am partial to wide set goggly eyes as you can see!!!)