Monday, November 1, 2010

Texture Ladybugs

In progress lady bugs
Siguney's Ladybug: In progress (needs antenna and spots)
In kindergarden we have been working on creating creatures out of paper plates that have been texturized with sponges, scrapers, and finger dabbing; all the while introducing color mixing. We have six plates in all to cut apart and glue together (two dessert and four dinner size plates in all with different colors and textures on each). Painting for the first weeks of of school with kindergarden was hectic but I'm happy with the results. I also had fun reading "The Grouchy Ladybug", written and illustrated by Eric Carl, for our full Friday of Kindergarden classes (five total). My voice did turn a bit raspy by the end of the day from all the "grouchy" talking. I will move on to the high school before I get images of the final project, which will include pipe cleaner antenna and lady bug spots, so I thought I could at least post some in-progress photos. (I am partial to wide set goggly eyes as you can see!!!)

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