Friday, May 25, 2012

Tissue Paper Windows

I am completing some glass on glass mosaics for the end of the school year on some hold skylights from the high school library (pictures coming soon!). We used up all the glass but we were left with three extra windows! I'm was not able to purchase any more mosaic materials so I was left scouring the web for some ideas. I can't remember what site exactly had posted an activity where children painted tissue paper onto windows, but once I spotted it I knew that is what we had to do!

We started by ripping the tissue paper into smaller pieces. Then once we had a pile, students started painting elmer's art pastel over the glass pane and onto the tissue. We layered and observed our colors mixing together. I left the project open for exploration. I was curious to observe their solutions.

Once dry they will be installed in a window space somewhere in the school. I'm expecting the tissue paper to fade eventually, but with warm soapy water the window and be wiped clean for another creation. Looks like a faux stained glass masterpiece!

UPDATE: Here is an image of a mosaic we did on the extra window! now on display at the district office (taken from my phone camera, not the best image but you can still feel the sparkle)


  1. We did little glasses that became vases for our mothers, with tissue paper and glue when I was in second grade. It was one of my favorite things! Its funny maybe that is why I am a mosaic artist now?...

  2. Very effective, they have so much movement and the colors are beautiful!