Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deconstructing the Composition

My high school drawing 1 class just finished these abstract pastel drawings on black paper inspired by a music sample of their choice. During the project I emphasized using line variation. pattern, pastel techniques, and color. Looking back I really didn't emphasize background space and wished I would have to some of the students who didn't really use the paper as well as the students images I posted above. It was a fun project and the results my students came up with I was impressed with over all.


  1. Oh, so cool, as my students might say. Did you let them listen to ipods in class? How did you introduce the lesson? Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  2. It was against school policy to have ipods but we broke the rules for this project with admin. approval. The project was introduced by having students listen to a playlist I put together with a different mix of genres and they sketched for two minutes to each song. They were told to use lines, shapes, and patterns while withholding from using symbols like tears, hearts, clouds, etc. After they chose their song they created mini drawings in their sketchbook while listening to the song over and over. They then combine there sketches into one final drawing.