Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CrAzY CoiLS!!!

Just finished firing the Crazy Coil pots from my 6th grade class. They build them from the bottom up and I'm so proud of the results. They first looked at images of coil pots (emphasizing the CRAZY) and then began sketching their ideas keeping in mind the limitations of clay. They made swirls, zigzags, and dots all while thinking about the art elements of variety, pattern, and emphasis. Some great craftsmanship and focus through out this whole project. If my students could have clay all quarter I would be in heaven, they work so well when using kinetic and tactile art forms. I had one students who (being especially kinetic, always moving and grooving) created THREE pots!!! We had the supplies and he created like a mad man! So fun to observe and reflect on. p.s. I apologize for some of the glaze colors, ewwww. literally mixed from a batch of old 70's glaze mixture my cooperating teacher found in a back room.... 


  1. These are amazing!! I especially love the white ones. I'm enjoying your other lessons too. Thanks for following my blog!