Monday, October 17, 2011

Eric Carle Flower Pots

2nd grade students created flower pots in the style of Eric Carle. Along the way students learned about primary color mixing, pattern making, and symmetry while further perfecting their tracing and cutting skills. 

First we learn about primary colors and how they can be mixed to create other colors. We used craypas to complete a simple "pizza pie" style color wheel so students could explore mixing on their own. Then each student received a sheet of drawing paper that was cut into thirds. Students then picked two of the three primary colors and filled the page with color. They then used their thumbs to smear the two colors together mixing the two. 

We then created symmetrical petal patterns out of square construction paper scraps. The patterns were then traced on the backs of our 1/3 page color mixing papers. Most could get five petals on each paper, but if the pattern was too big only three or four would fit. 

The day before flower pot assembly we used tissue papers dipped in water to create background paper. This only took about 20 min. total from demo. to drying rack so we used the rest of class to catch everyone up to the same point. Three flowers with five petals each. Using an envelope to store small petal pieces and petal patterns is highly recommended...

Each is unique and different! Love the personality that "springs" up from each one! Would be a great project for the spring time but it hits so many standards I just couldn't wait!

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