Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lets Take A Trip: Google Maps

My 3rd Graders recently took a trip to Australia, and it was not sponsored by Oprah... Actually google made it all possible! Using goggle maps I chaperoned my students on a costal trip of eastern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef to supplement a coral gardening mixed media drawing lesson we are working on.

I displayed my computer screen onto the smart board and students were able to explore the region of the world we are learning about by "car" up close.  Some comments during the trip included "wow!", "is this a video game?", and "how much did this cost you?"

As you zoom in on goggle maps and find a place you want to visit you click your cursor on the little yellow figure above the "zoom in, zoom out" icons and drag it where you want to explore. Wherever there is blue highlight on a road is available for travel. A blue highlighted dot represent a photograph from that location on the globe.

You can travel from Versaille, France...

To a Greek escape without all those planes and ferry rides:) 

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