Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creative Corner

When students finish a project early I usually will give them odd jobs or have them help me with a task around the classroom. If there is nothing to do, or they complete the extra task ahead of time, they are allowed to go to "Creative Corner". I have a back corner in my room sectioned off with book shelves which are filled with drawing books, activities, blocks, puzzles, creative challenges, etc. All activities challenge creative problem solving skills.

The pictures below are from a 2nd grade class. EVERYONE finished 15 minutes early (im thinking I forgot to review something...) Anyways, they have been craving "Creative Corner" for weeks now so I thought letting their minds wander for a bit in the world of unbridled creativity was just fine for me:)

Black lounge chairs available to those want to read a book
(I try to change the books and correlate them with what we are doing in the classroom).
These students are attempting to decode a "minds eye"!

This is a "creativity challenge".
The drawing paper has two lines  printed on it and the student
must finish the drawing being as creative and original as possible.
She has chosen to make a clown:)

Four students working together to unblock a "traffic jam"

The smaller foam shapes were used in a challenge to
create robots that do your homework for you:)

Todays challenge with the large wooden blocks was to create a time machine
for Ms.L to travel back in time to meet Vincent Van Gogh:)
Sadly they only had time to build the planet and not the worm hole...

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