Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean" by Kevin Sherry

One of my favorite books.... 
That stars one of my favorite animals from the sea.... 
And he has a mustache...
This is going to be a fun project!

After reading "I'm the best Artist in the Ocean" by Kevin Sherry my K-1 students learned step by step how to draw a squid. Nice large circles for eyes and eight wavy lines were key (that and the mustache our squid artist is so famous for having!). As they were drawing I went around the room and one-on-one asked each student to share with me what they are best at, what makes them sepcial. This was a great opportunity to give each one of my students some undivided attention. We had about ten minutes left at the end of class to pencil sketch out our final squids on a blue piece of 8.5"x11" paper. 

On day two we reviewed our squid facts. Them, using white cray-pas we colored in the eyes, and using "squid ink" (watered down black tempera) we traced our pencil lines very carefully to create a black outline. Emphasize the delicate application of paint. The results ate uniquely splendid. 

 Happy squid for all! The next part of this project will be paper squid sculptures! stay tuned...


  1. Love these Squids!! Definitely visit the Squidfire website- I got myself a Kevin Sherry squid t-shirt to wear at school when I visited the store in Baltimore.

  2. I teach kindergarten and we learn "O is for Octopus"...I think we will try this as Octopus critters! Yours look great!