Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wayne Thiebaud Desserts... Again:)

Our taste-buds have been excited lately in the art room here at Bert Raney Elementary. Treats of all kinds have been popping up across all grade levels! Her are some examples of 3rd grade layered oil pastel drawings on black paper. They completed sets of four drawings and then taped them together on the back to create an exceptional collection of bright and beautiful drawings.

We also completed some tantalizing treats in 5th grade. We created Pop Art paintings inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. After learning how to complete step by step drawings of three different desserts, students sketched multiple desserts onto a final paper. All pencil lines were outlined with blue paint and then an underpainting was laid down. A final coat of paint was added and then oil pastels helped add some final "pop" to the edges.


  1. Just came across this lesson via Pinterest. Some of the best Thiebaud inspired work I've seen! Love the blue paint outline and under-painting. Great work!

  2. Thank you Mary! I really enjoy teaching about Wayne, it's so delicious!