Monday, April 23, 2012

Wolf Kahn Landscapes

Students were introduced to Wolf Kahn and his color field landscapes using arbitrary color. After discussing horizon line, background, middle ground, and foreground, students began creating chalk pastels landscapes inspired by Kahns work.

Example of Wolf Kahn's work
We did four small 6"x6" drawings in total. First I would show them a large picture of Wolf Kahn's work (see above) and they would create a landscape inspired by it. At the same time they were asked to include background, middle ground, and foreground. Adding details was the final step.

 I encouraged no blue skys and no green grass and showed students how to achieve texture using blending and drawing techniques. Pure exploration of the medium really made this project a joy for me to teach, just allowing them to learn the capabilities of this material.

Our final step with this project will be to create a landcape more details and textures on a larger scale. Still creating a landscape with arbitrary color, but drawing in a more calculated way. Excited to see where they take it!

Amazed with this composition, the colors, and the textures of this work. 

Again the texture and color choices are so delicious to me!


  1. Beautiful work! I love the layers of color.

  2. Beautiful compositions.
    I love the colors, details and textures.

  3. Wonderful! I teach machine embroidery to "ladies of a certain age" and this looks like the perfect technique to get them creating their own designs - thank you!