Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dale Chihuly Recycled Sculptures

For this project students were challenged to create a recycled sculpture inspired by Dale Chihuly. On Day 1, after looking at some images of dale chihuly's glass work, we brainstormed different materials that could apply to this project (other than glass). I gave examples on how to manipulate the materials and think about using them in alternative ways. Some examples included plastic pop bottles, old transparency sheets, wire, tissue paper, newspaper, ribbon, foam, white drawing paper, ripped fabric/canvas, etc.

After day one work time was fairly independent. I would supplement each days lesson with short tutorials and demo new techniques, but for the most part they were made aware of deadlines and led the way.

With all of the materials floating about it can feel chaotic and with the level of independence expected it is necessary to schedule check-ins with students. Having a rubric of expectations was important to make sure all students were aware of the grading criteria. If I were to give any advice to those wanting to attempt a similar project I would say share the rubric on day 2 or three of the project, and hold at least two individual conferences with each student during work time. The one on one conferences act as a critique of sorts where students can ask for and listen to advice.

Foam pink ribbon support with hanging shapes cut from
permanent marker covered plastic transparencies. 

The wide array of results was astounding to me! 

Variety of ribbon hanging from a wire spiral

Looped paper and origami

Tissue paper supported on a wire armature with oil pastel
overhead transparency tendrils hanging below. 

Display in the main office!

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