Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cave Paintings from Around the World

History is fun! Especially for K-1. The idea of a world without computers, cars, and cameras boggles their minds. Enter...cave paintings from around the world!

We discuss why paintings were made on walls. Why didn't they use paper, why didn't they use a camera, why did they want to create the art in the first place. 

Once they start putting the puzzle together I let them know that they are going to create an imaginary story from the time of the cave people. Using symbols we are going to travel back in time and tell a story from 30,000 years ago. 

I created a simple symbols sheet looking at various symbols from around the world, no one region in particular. I dim the lights to make the atmosphere more like a cave and they pick a combination for 4-5 symbols to turn into a story. 

Once everyone was done we gathered for the last 15 min. of class in the front of the room and shared our stories. This story telling session was a spontaneous move on my part! Was not initially planning on doing it but decided it would be better than me reading to them. I scrapped MY story telling plans and had them take the wheel! 

They had the story infront of them already, all it took was a little imagination:) 

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