Friday, December 2, 2011

Million Dollar Drawings!

Day 1: First I introduce Dale Chihuly. I go into explaining how Dale experienced an eye and shoulder injury in a car accident 35 years ago and has been unable to do a lot of the strenuous work involved with being a glassblower. Instead he takes on the role of artist and director leading his crew to creating glass art work worth millions of dollars. We then come up with a million dollar chandelier concept drawing using pencil. We then traced over the pencil lines with sharpie marker. 

Video Resources:

Day 2: Intro. warm vs. cool colors and complete and interactive table quiz before we dive into the painting (I give each table a small white board and a dry erase maker. I show them a picture and they must decide if it is mostly a warm or mostly a cool work of art). We them use watercolors (warm or cool) to trace over ever the sharpie lines. If students finished early I tell them to add "double color" and turn their art into a two million dollar concept drawing!

Day 3: Review Chihuly and warm vs. cool colors. Trace, outline, and fill in watercolor lines with water soluble oil pastels (premium brand, my favorite!) still using warm or cool colors. Next, cut out drawing and then begin painting water over surface to activate the oil pastels. 

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