Friday, January 13, 2012

Macchia Bowls (inspired by Dale Chihuly)

Here are some 4th grade paper mache Macchia Bowls inspired by Dale Chihuly. We layered strips of newspaper with watered down elmers "glue all" over a plastic bowl which acted like a mold (place saran wrap over the plastic bowl so the dried bowls can be removed). Once the bowls were "hard like an arm cast" students cut a wavy edge along the top of the bowl. I had pre mixed paint "stored in medical urine cups... no really! they work amazing!" and they painted a design after a short planning period on a worksheet. The kids loved this project and couldn't wait to take them home. I think next time I'll have them paint a glossy coat of clear acrylic over the dry paint to make the bowls shine... hmmm, next time. 

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