Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Geometric Klee Snow Castles

Snow castles are awesome! 
... so is Paul Klee!
Since there is no snow currently in our little Minnesota town (insert sad face here), we decided to create snow in our imaginations. Using a snow castel as a starting point, K-1 students used wooden geometric blocks to explore different ways geometric shapes could be used to build a castle. Some serious teamwork skills were encouraged, my happiest moments were when an entire table was working together, which many ended up doing. This period of class was purely play based. They became familiar with geo. shapes and created castle elements (walls, towers, flags, security, flying bats, you name it!)

There next challenge was to create geometric castels with cut white paper. Everyone started with a long strip of white printing paper. I gave some tips on how to make simple geometric shapes with just a couple snips (squares, rectangles, diamonds, circles, hexagons, triangles, and trapezoids). This step took up the rest of our first class period. 

On day 2 we reviewed how to cut paper geo. shapes using simple snips. They used the rest of class glueing on their shapes and drawing snowflakes, snowmen, and extra geometric shapes for extra pizzaz!

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