Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tibetan "Resolution" Flags

Prayer flags originate fron India and can be found in countries usually surrounding Mount. Everest (Tibet, Nepal, India, and China). They are hung with intentions to carry blessings and prayers by wind. Usually each flag has a central symbol that is surrounded by text, and if you plant a flag it is said to bring you happiness, long life, and prosperity. 

Inspired by these flags and their purpose, I devised a lesson for my 5th graders as a way for them to express their hopes and dreams for the new year and for their futures. It is our hope that as they hang in the hallway we can be reminded of the things we want to accomplish. Along with being an opportunity to introduce a new culture, this project also allowed me to get to know my students a bit better and to celebrate the New Year.... and they make for a pretty snazzy looking display!   

Each color used in the flags represents an element of the earth and follow the order of the colors listed below. 
Blue = Sky/Space
White = Air/Wind
Red = Fire 
Green = Water
Yellow = Earth

My Instructions: pick five resolutions you have for the new year or the future. Use symbols to draw that hope/dream on a flag square. Arrange in order and hang from string. 

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