Friday, February 3, 2012

Surreal Figure Collages

To help 2nd graders understand the dreamlike world of Surreal Art I presented a slide show of images for us to observe. We looked at the weird and strange along with the interesting and inspiring. Along with the images, this video resource proved to be a hit

I was impressed with their results! 


  1. What a great job! I'm impressed that 2nd graders did these. We're doing surrealism at the same time!!

  2. We had a fresh stack of the best collage magazine existence... National Geographic! I think that helped, along with a checklist of figure elements they needed to include, along with some optional items like jewelry and hats. AND... the students in this particular class, not to my knowledge, were creating "surreal poems" with the classroom teacher earlier in the week. We did a cross-curricular project without knowing it, and the results reflect that.

  3. i'm sure the kids loved this project! it's so fun! surrealism is always great to teach...the kids are always amazed!