Saturday, July 30, 2011

An NYC Summer Escape!

Ever since the last day of school in June I have been missing in action from the blogosphere. No blog posts for more than a month! Last time I contacted the cyber world I announced that I got a job at an elementary school in MN! To prepare for my first job I'm currently creating a rough outline for the year breaking up each month into a theme and then giving each grade a lesson for that theme. It's calming my nerves to at least pretend to myself that I have a plan. Things will change and morph into what is appropriate at the school year progresses, but at least I'm setting up a schedule... right?! Anyways, on top of preparing for my adventures as a first year, full-time, Elementary Art Teacher, I have been embarking on one of my greatest life adventures to date, an NYC summer. In May I received conformation that I had been accepted for a summer teaching internship at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Lasting from late june to mid-August, I now have two more weeks of teaching left, and only a handful of museums to check off my list as this summer inches to a close. I feel empowered to approach my next adventure as a teacher as NYC summer comes to a close. Good bye bright lights, and hello small city! 

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